Friday, January 22, 2010

On the Senate race in Massachusetts

I posted this comment on GetReligion’s story on the Democrat debacle over Teddy Kennedy’s long-time seat:

Marcia Coakley lost because she took victory for granted, and for that reason failed to do things that she should have learned in Electioneering 101—Kiss the babies, shake the hands, meet and greet everyone from the mayor to the local bag-lady, and for goodness’ sake be careful not to p*** off a swing bloc with an ill-considered statement. She left everything on the table, and ought not to be surprised that Scott Brown swept it up. He worked for the seat; she didn’t.

One thing that needs to be considered is that a lot of people are pro-choice as a valid option for “other people”; for them, it’s wrong but not evil enough to illegalize. Of course I disagree vehemently, but the observation sets up my next point: The abortion machine has gotten as far as it has mostly on the laissez-faire attitude of these people. However, their willingness to tolerate it as a choice for others doesn’t translate into a willingness to subsidize it with public funding or to force those who abhor it into participating against their will. Coakley’s splutter that pro-lifer health workers should “get out” was remarkably insensitive, the kind of comment only someone who equates pragmatic politics with cause advocacy can make.

That James Carroll should play the “gender card” doesn’t surprise me. In many ways, his thinking was trapped in amber during the late ’60s, and can’t move beyond quasi-Marxist pseudodialectics. I wonder how all the women who voted against Coakley and for Brown feel about their “misogyny”? (Of course, since his kind of liberal deals mostly in freshly-painted stereotypes, I’m sure he wrote them off as voting for Brown because “he’s a hunk”.)

One last thought: While I’m far from putting my trust in Brown for the White House, his victory reminded me of another against-all-odds win, by a little gray haberdasher from Missouri in 1948, holding up a newspaper that got the winner wrong: DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.

I’m not wild about Brown because he isn’t pro-life … he’s merely the lesser of two evils. I suspect someday an issue will come up on which Brown will show his pro-choice colors, and many of those who are ecstatic about him now will wail and gnash their teeth. Just like a certain man whose name I won’t mention … but whose initials can also stand for “body odor”.