Sunday, January 3, 2010

So why did I need a second blog?

Especially when the first blog hasn’t exactly set the world on fire? I don’t know. Call me masochistic … I’m just not being ignored enough.

The truth is, though, that I wanted to experiment with the blog as an online diary. Outside the Asylum, whatever else you can call it, is the syndicated op-ed column I’ve always wanted to write. However, I’m starting to get into a rut with the topics, and I really don’t want to re-plow the same tired row no matter how fertile it is. Plus, I want some room to be more light-hearted. (What, me too serious? No way!)

The other thing is, this year I decided that I should finally get up off my lazy tuchas and start going to church regularly like the good Catholic boy I sometimes pretend to be on OTA. As I try to expand my devotional life and get back into the habit of practical Catholicism, I hope that it will inspire some deeper thoughts. Or at least provide some fodder for chuckles.

Feast of the Epiphany:
Is 60:1-6
Ps 72:1-2,7-8,10-13
Eph 3:2-3, 5-6
Mt 2:1-12