Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This has been floating around the Catholic blogosphere!

The following hoaxes/myths will be exposed in 2010:

Manmade global warming
Atheistic evolution
Relativism is the only absolute
Abortion is "health care"
Nobody can do health care better than the government
A Catholic can be pro-choice

The government will take care of you
How Obama saved America
America no longer needs God

Come, Lord Jesus!

The Most Rev. Robert F. Vasa

1: The national Republican Party will continue to fumble around for an identity and a face. Rush Limbaugh will die screaming into a microphone, which may or may not help.

2: The Tea Party movement will suddenly fall out of love with Sarah Palin.

3: Pope Benedict XVI's visit to England will be a smashing success, as will his next encyclical. Meanwhile, American bishops will continue to grow backbones.

4: When SCOTUS finds a right to gay marriage, it will do so right before the November elections, boosting the Republican presence in Congress. This, however, won't solve the GOP's identity crisis, even as it nudges the US closer to a second Civil War.

5: Christopher Hitchens' personality will continue to deteriorate noticeably; by the end of the year, he will either check into a clinic to dry out or (in the best English tradition) shoot himself.

6: The first half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released to the most lackluster opening night of the franchise. Preproduction will begin on a sequel to Sherlock Holmes. Brangelina will split up. Tiger Woods will win the Masters this year. No one will really care about any of these facts.