Sunday, February 7, 2010

You tell 'em, Jester!

 Once of the nice things about the short format of this blog is that I can simply refer readers to other blogs, along with an “attaboy” when such is called for. Jeff Miller’s recent post, “Stop using reality against us”, is just one such.

This is my favorite part:

 The abortion industry and abortion supporters have always been about minimizing or hiding reality. Women are told across the world falsehoods about the stages of the child in their womb. Terms are used to describe this that have no bearing on the reality. Over and over Ultrasound has been called a weapon because it helps to visualize reality. Laws requiring that women be properly informed about the life in the womb and presented with factual medical and scientific information about this are blocked time and again by the pro-abortion crowd.

A mother choosing life is polarizing and divisive. What a sick culture we live in.

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