Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The dumbing of American Catholicism

This speech by Fr. Robert Barron of Word On Fire.org makes a very telling criticism about Catholic catechesis of the last 40 years:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The unreason of despair

The atheist cries, “I will not content myself with a God who would permit for one tiniest part of a second the torment of a child!” And so he contents himself with a universe that is indifferent to the torment of millions of children and adults. He cannot lift a finger to save a child in this life; therefore he must consign her to eternal death, uncomforted and unavenged. He cannot envision a Plan that will give her suffering meaning; therefore he will make her suffering meaningless. He cannot give her justice in this life, so he will deny the possibility of justice in a Life hereafter. Because there can be no good Purpose to her suffering, there can be no purpose at all, save a jury-rigged, ephemeral, individually constructed “purpose” whose reality is dishonest as the grand Purpose he denies so forcefully. If this be not a philosophy of despair, then there is no such thing as despair.