Monday, September 27, 2010

The Way

From a book I gotta read to a movie I gotta see:

From Rome Reports:
September 26, 2010. The American film actor Martin Sheen is returning to his roots. He’s making a journey to Spain, the land of his father, who decades ago emigrated from Galicia to the United States.

The film is called "The Way." In it, Martin Sheen travels to France to collect the body of his son, who died as he began the Camino de Santiago. When he comes to France, he pick up his ashes and his backpack to continue the path in his son’s place.

His son in the film is played by his real son Emilio Estevez, who also directs the film.

A fascinating film about a trip to the north of Spain, which is also a journey into an interior self.

The archbishop of Santiago was so pleased with the script that he even allowed the crew to film inside the basilica.

The film has already premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to wide acclaim - perhaps because it gives the viewer plenty to think about and makes you look at life through different eyes.