Saturday, December 18, 2010

A high-handed outrage in Phoenix

NEW YORK, December 16, 2010 ( - The American Civil Liberties Union has attacked Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix after news broke this week that the bishop had taken further steps against a Catholic hospital that had performed a direct abortion. [Because we all know that losing Catholic Church backing will cause federal and state funding to dry up—no, wait, we live in America.]

Reacting to the latest clash, Alexa Kolbi-Molinas, staff [liar .. er,] attorney with the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project [You’re kidding me, right?], said the staff of the St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center “did the right thing” by killing an unborn child late last year to avert aggravation of the mother’s pulmonary hypertension. [Because, of course, a theoretical medical threat takes precedence over a real human’s right to live.]

“A hospital’s first responsibility must be to protect the health of its patient, [and, of course, the unborn don’t qualify as “patients”]” said Kolbi-Molinas in a statement Wednesday. “Religiously affiliated hospitals are not exempt from federal laws that protect a patient’s right to receive emergency care [except if you’re unborn], and cannot invoke their religious status to jeopardize the health and lives of pregnant women [There’s a flag on the play … yes, it’s fifteen yards for misuse of adjective, because the mother’s life was already in (theoretical) jeopardy and refusal to abort would not have increased it, and loss of down for unsportsmanlike rhetoric].”

The pro-abortion wing of the advocacy group had already written to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in July of this year urging them to investigate [!?] Catholic hospitals that refuse to perform direct abortions as a matter of Catholic moral principle. [And what’s to “investigate” … whether they’re serving nutritious meals? No, no, my dears; the word you’re looking for is “persecute”.]

The Arizona Republic had revealed earlier this week that Bishop Olmsted had offered an ultimatum to the hospital’s parent company in order to keep their official Catholic status. The bishop said the hospital would have to backtrack on its endorsement of the abortion, submit to a diocesan review, and agree to ongoing staff training on the U.S. bishops’ Ethical and Religious Directives. [The nerve of the guy! He acts like the Church has some kind of authority over Catholic hospitals! Next he'll be bringing in the comfy chair!]

Should the hospital not comply, it would still be able to call itself “Catholic,” but the diocese would officially renounce the facility and priests would no longer be permitted to conduct Mass there. [O the humanity! O the repressive brutes!]