Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mr. Humbert, have we got a show for you!

© 2011 MTV.

The New York Times reports that MTV executives are concerned their latest attempt to push the boundaries, Skins, may have pushed into child-pornography territory.

“Skins” is an import from Britain, a country that has historically displayed a higher tolerance for TV eroticism than the United States. The episodes for MTV, including the third one, which was shared with TV critics, are virtually identical to the source material.

The remade episodes, like the ones in Britain, included simulated masturbation, implied sexual assault, and teenagers disrobing and getting into bed together.
The network's spokesperson, Jeannie Kedas, claims that the shows are all subjected to reviews to insure compliance with laws and community standards, and that future episodes of Skins (the show has already premiered) are still "works in progress". The press release for the show also claims that it is "specifically designed to be viewed by adults."

Great, wonderful. We now have a television series full of drug-abusing teen-agers hopping into bed with one another, geared (by the admission of the producers) to ephebophiles, yet which still manages to draw 39.4% of its audience from the under-18 set.

I wish they'd go back to playing music videos.