Sunday, February 13, 2011

The dumbest thing I've read this week

Not too long after I wrote the post about the Philadelphia grand jury, I visited Fr. Z's blog. He, too, had posted a short reflection, a call to prayers and penance. And amidst the comments, I found a few posts by some ... people ... who suggested that the cause of the scandal was the adoption of the Novus Ordo liturgy.

This is exactly why traddies set my teeth on edge: Clown Masses? Wymyn ordaining themselves priests? Prominent Catholic politicians blatantly thumbing their noses at Humanae Vitae? Gay ephebophile clerics? Well, it can all be solved if we just go back to the Tridentine Latin Mass!

Since I kept to the spirit of Fr. Z's post, let me post my reply to the anti-VII crowd here:

Dear dumbjohns,

First, let me introduce you to a concept known in logic as the post-hoc fallacy. The post-hoc fallacy occurs when you say, "A happened, then B happened after that, so A must have caused B."

Now that you've absorbed that complex idea, let me ask you this: Do you honestly think this kind of thing never occurred prior to 1962?

Let me tell you: it did.

People didn't know about it, because people didn't want to hear that that nice Fr. O'Malley was a sexual pervert, any more than they wanted to hear that that nice Reverend Mooney, Rabbi Tuchman, Dr. Fassbein, Mr. Holmquist down the street, the Little League coach or dear Uncle Fred was a sexual pervert. In those days—in fact, just up until the last twenty years or so—the Church didn't have to work too hard to cover these things up because the community didn't go out of its way to unearth child-molesters. They still don't.

Yes, the Novus Ordo Mass has problems, most of which will (hopefully!) be corrected with the new Missa Romanum translation coming out this Advent. But there are a lot of other problems in the Church that simply throwing away the NO won't solve, and may even exacerbate.

Your brother in Christ,
Anthony S. "Tony" Layne

P.S. Vatican II will never be disowned or discarded. Paul VI declared it part of the Church's ordinary Magisterium; both JP2 and B16 have accepted it in its entirety. It's with us forever. Get over it; get used to it.


  1. Very good post. Glad to see there are others who feel the "all trad, all the time" crowd need to get their heads out of the sand (or other less sanitary places).

    As for, "the community didn't go out of its way to unearth child-molesters" BINGO! Scandal of any sort was avoided if it involved those of any position of authority.

  2. Subvet: When I was reading up on the Lawrence Murphy case last year, one thing that struck me is that the local DA in '72 didn't have enough evidence to prosecute, despite the fact that Fr. Murphy's predations presumably went back to his first appearing at St. John's in 1950—twelve full years before John XXIII opened the Council.

    Even now, though, there are few public school systems that have the kind of standards the Church has now for contact with children and investigation of allegations. If I were that kind of creepazoid, I wouldn't bother with the celibate priesthood ... I'd become a public-school teacher.

  3. In a recent conversation with my 27 year old son this topic came up along with the comparison to public school teachers. He casually informed me that the kids in his high school class could always tell which girls were banging what teacher by the treatment & grades they received.

    It was that obvious ten years ago. I spent about ten days working at Hebron High School in Lewisville some time back. From what I saw I doubt things have improved.

    One personal example; I had to change out a thermostat in the girls shower room. No problem, I got my tools, went to the door, cracked it open and shouted "Maintenance worker, coming in" twice. You'd think any girl in there would yell out for me to wait a minute, at least I assumed so.


    I waltz on in to be confronted by the sight of some 15-16 year old girl standing buck naked in front of a sink, drying her hair. Stammering out that I had no idea she was in there I backed out, followed by "It's okay, I really don't mind."

    As the door shut I called out, "I certainly do!"

    The girls aren't being taught modesty or chastity and you can bet the horn dogs in the teacher's lounge know it and take advantage of it.

  4. And the more teenagers that submit willingly, the less peer support there is for the ones that resist.

    Meanwhile, we're starting to see discrete (in the sense of individual) members of the "chattering classes" start to ask in the MSM, "So what's so wrong with nailing teenagers/ family members/ dogs?" Once you unhook sex from reproduction and reproduction from marriage, taboos lose their rational underpinnings.