Thursday, February 10, 2011

A small suggestion to the Philadelphia chancery

According to Rocco Palma, the second grand jury to sit on the handling of clergy sex-abuse cases in the City of Brotherly Love has issued its findings.

In light of the Archdiocese’s reaction to the last grand jury report, we expect that some may accuse us of anti-Catholic bias for speaking of these painful matters. We are not church-haters. Many of us are church-goers. We did not come looking for “scandal,” but we cannot close our eyes to the powerful evidence we heard. We call the church to task, to fix what needs fixing.
And there is much that still needs fixing:

The present grand jury, however, is frustrated to report that much has not changed. The rapist priests we accuse were well known to the Secretary of Clergy, but he cloaked their conduct and put them in place to do it again. The procedures implemented by the Archdiocese to help victims are in fact designed to help the abusers, and the Archdiocese itself. Worst of all, apparent abusers – dozens of them, we believe – remain on duty in the Archdiocese, today, with open access to new young prey.
My first, small suggestion to you, reverend fathers of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia? Shut up. Don't make any excuses; don't try to explain what you were trying to accomplish. FIX THE PROBLEM. NOW.