Saturday, March 12, 2011

From the "sympathy from the Devil" file ....

I've maintained for some time that loudmouths like Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, P. Z. Myers and Philip Pullman aren't representative of all atheists. In fact, Dawkins isn't the atheist's C. S. Lewis so much as he is the atheist Jack Chick.

Today I found a couple of atheists who bear my point out. 

First, courtesy of Francis Phillips at Catholic Herald, we have Dr. David Starkey (hopefully no relation to Ringo Starr!), self-described as "atheist and gay", who opposed the fining of Peter and Hazel Mary Bull, a Christian couple who refused to let a room of their Cornwall B&B to a couple of men. “The way to do that is not to ban them, not to fine them. It is for them simply to put up what seems to me to be a quite proper notice in a small privately-run hotel which says we are Christians and this is what we believe,” Dr. Starkey told a BBC 1 audience on Question Time. Otherwise, “We are producing a new tyranny.”

The second example comes from a CNS story from last September, but which I stumbled across in a link from another story. In a story done by the Spanish journal ABC, French liberal atheist Bernard-Henri Lévy said, “The Pope’s voice is extremely important. And we are very unjust to this Pope. I am not Catholic, but I think there is prejudice and especially major anti-clericalism that is taking on enormous proportions in Europe. ... In France there is much talk about the desecrations of Jewish and Muslim cemeteries, but nobody knows that the tombs of Catholics are continually desecrated. ... There is a sort of anti-clericalism in France that is not healthy at all. We have the right to criticize religions, but the most attacked religion today is the Catholic religion.”

Unfortunately, two examples in six months hardly constitutes evidence of a groundswell of secularist support for Christianity. But perhaps it gives us a little light in the gloom.