Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Into the darkness of heart

There are people who confuse writing down a handful of numbers with deep thought. There are people who confuse bluntness and foul language with honesty. There are people who think that if they make enough jokes about an experience we'll believe they're all right, that "there nothing wrong with her!" There are people who believe that, if they make a big fuss about rights and proclaim their compassion for the downtrodden loud enough, we'll believe they really do possess a moral compass that's in fine working order.

Such a person is Dolores P., an LPN candidate who works with an abortion provider. Read her post in The Hairpin. (If you need to know what kind of site The Hairpin is, I should tell you that one of the articles I saw advertised was "How To Give Up Urinary Tract Infections For Lent".) Here's a sample of her ersatz-candid style:

Up until recently I’d come out of any closet I found myself in—queer, non-monogamous, I fucking love Tool [the heavy-metal rock band] still, whatever—not that I live to hear the drink-choking sound, but because, to me, coming out was just one of the ways I could pay back the privileges that had been arbitrarily bestowed upon me (educated! white-appearing! “normal!”). My responsibility to normalize as much as I could. But training as an abortion provider is the first thing in my life that I hold back on spilling about. At the core of it, there’s a huge gap between saying “I had one” and saying “I do them.” I don’t want to alienate people. And nothing else I’ve ever done or been has felt like a direct invitation to a motivated someone out there to kill me and get away with it.
By the way, she says elsewhere that she's engaged to the father of the child she aborted, so when she says she came out of the "queer" and "non-monogamous" closets, I can't tell if she's decided she's bisexual, or if she somehow avoided getting labeled "queer", or even if she has a clue what the hell she was trying to say. (She could be just one more victim of that particularly bad piece of advice, "Write the way you talk.")

The whole post is filled with hysterical fears about being killed by some wild-eyed pro-lifer (girlfriend, you're more likely to die in an airplane crash!), dubious stats (65% of women getting abortions are mothers already? Really? That rates a 7.2 on the b.s. meter) and a link of contraceptive sabotage to spousal abuse that hints at the old "at home, barefoot and pregnant" trope. But worst—and most incoherent—of her writing sins is her explanation of what kind of woman feels regret, in what appears to be an attempt to minimize the actual rate of occurence; she has apparently never heard of PAS (Post-Abortion Syndrome), and isn't aware that it can take 5-10 years for it to fully manifest. As it appears to showing up in her writing.

Please pray for the conversion of her soul.