Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe to go downtown ....

I have seen the report this news story is based on:

“Researchers studying the human papillomavirus say that in the United States HPV causes 64 percent of oropharynxl cancers,” said a Feb. 22 NPR report by Peggy Girshmann. “In the rest of the world, tobacco remains the leading cause of oral cancer, Dr. Maura Gillison of Ohio State University told a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science this past weekend.”

“And the more oral sex someone has had -- and the more partners they've had -- the greater their risk of getting these cancers, which grow in the middle part of the throat,” said Girshmann’s NPR story. "‘An individual who has six or more lifetime partners -- on whom they've performed oral sex -- has an eightfold increase in risk compared to someone who has never performed oral sex,’ [Gillison] said.”

“Close to 37,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year,” says the Oral Cancer Foundation website. “It will cause over 8,000 deaths, killing roughly 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day. Of those 36,000 newly diagnosed individuals, only slightly more than half will be alive in 5 years. This is a number which has not significantly improved in decades. The death rate for oral cancer is higher than that of cancers which we hear about routinely such as cervical cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma, laryngeal cancer, cancer of the testes, and endocrine system cancers such as thyroid, or skin cancer (malignant melanoma). If you expand the definition of oral cancers to include cancer of the larynx, for which the risk factors are the same, the numbers of diagnosed cases grow to approximately 50,000 individuals, and 13,500 deaths per year in the US alone.”

Just another reason to keep it in your pants until you're married.

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  1. Yet this is one of the "alternatives" touted for young girls not wishing to get pregnant. I even knew one young lady who would proudly proclaim she'd kept her virginity intact through school, then in the next minute happily recount her oral exploits. Her logic was that a girl had "to do something" if she wanted a guy.

    So much for the liberation given to women by modern feminism. Truly sad.