Friday, March 25, 2011

More monks, more coffee ... what else can you ask for?

Artist's conception
Great story in the OSV website on the Carmelite monks responsible for that most magical treat, Mystic Monk® Coffee. Among other things, it tells us that the ground-breaking for New Mount Carmel will be May 11, 2011 at 10:00 am. There's also a computer rendering superimposed on a photo of the land the monks have purchased (below).

Talk about your stunning backdrops!
I just wish the brothers could make some kind of distribution deal that would put their coffee beans on supermarket shelves—if not at Kroger's or Albertson's, at least at World Market (or Central Market, the foodie's paradise). As it is, to enjoy this superb blend you must fork out the clams to have it shipped direct to you. (Purchases of $40 or more get free shipping, so buy their 4 Bags and Sampler pack; if you get a monthly subscription, you save another $2 every month.)

Right now I'm out, and until I'm gainfully employed again I must conserve funds, so doing without Mystic Monk is an additional Lenten penance. (Of course, if someone wants to send me a gift card ....)