Friday, March 11, 2011

Re-drawing the line

Back in November, I posted five things that will make me leave one church and search out another for Mass: 1) Liturgical puppets; 2) designer vestments; 3) artsy-craftsy liturgical decorations; 4) Clown Masses; and 5) liturgical dancers.

Now I've added a sixth, courtesy of Deacon Greg Kandra:

Do I really need to say this? Okay, I'll say it:

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  1. I heard about this...thanks for posting the video. I was disgusted to hear about it, let alone to actually watch it. We have left our parish due to "happy hour" type chatting before mass (making it impossible to pray and prepare yourself to receive Christ), and that annoying "turn around and greet your neighbor" stuff after the processional. There are SO many other reasons, but those were the last straws. So frustrating. What ever happened to the reverent mass? Why are we so eager to become Protestant???