Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two ambitious projects for your consideration

Project 1: 84,000 Novenas for Pope Benedict's 84th Birthday
This request came to me directly from John-Paul at Novena, and was just revealed today at his website. Beginning April 8, pray once a day for the intention of the Pope until April 16. As far as I know right now, the prayer intended is the traditional prayer for the Pope, which I'll post on a separate page. Follow this link to sign up for daily reminders and to let John-Paul know how close we get to the goal. You can also sign on to the novena as an event on Facebook. And please pass on the word to any people or groups you think would be interested (prayer circles, Bible study classes, etc.)!

Project 2: What If We Just Said "Pray"?
As you may remember from my March 6 post, there are groups in the US, the UK, Ireland and Australia who are raising a big stink about the new translation which becomes effective November 27, 2011 (first Sunday of Advent). Louie Verrecchio, who writes for the Catholic News Agency and has a couple of catechetical books on the racks, recently got fed up with the whinging and effing and decided to create an online petition of support for the new translation. Frankly, as I've said on the other blog, for all the supposed defects and clumsiness of the new translation, it's still overwhelmingly better than the watered-down pabulum currently being served to us.

The statement of concern, which is titled "What If We Just Said 'Pray'?" in mocking reference to last year's fruitless attempt to derail the approval of the new texts, shows support not only for the new translation but also for the bishops of the Church in the English-speaking world, and commits us to prayer on their behalf. It also commits us to prayer on behalf of those who are fighting the new translation, for the conversion of their souls so they may embrace the new translation and stop kicking against the goad (cf. Ac 26:14). Link here to read the full petition and sign it.

Gratia Dei vobiscum! And thanks!