Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We're all about monks and nuns here ....

A couple more communities that could use charitable support. True, you don't get marvelous coffee for your donations, but you do get the satisfaction of supporting those who pray for us every day.

 Besides an Internet outreach program, the Benedictine nuns of Holy Trinity Monastery in East Hendred, England, also have an audio service for the visually impaired. You can donate through this link using a couple of different options, or find out other ways to give. (Since they're in England, American donations may be subject to a tax that they'll find it difficult to recover, so you might up your contribution a tad to compensate. Also check the exchange rates beforehand to see if it's more cost effective to give in dollars or pounds.)

The Benedictine Monastery of St. Emma is on this side of the water, in Greensburg, PA; so if you're interested in a life of Benedictine spirituality, you can take a long weekend to check them out! They also have a cool gift shop which you can access online. To contribute, you can access their main donations page through this link.

Now's the time—Adopt A Nun today!