Thursday, April 14, 2011

Now, if he'd done this at MoMA, they would have called it "art"

Yes, this is his picture! (Dakota County Sheriff)
Steven Richard Fay, 34, was charged in Dakota County District Court with felony second-degree property damage after he broke into All Saints' Catholic Church in Lakeville, MN during a Saturday evening Mass and poured what appeared to be urine over the altar cloth and the missal. As a parishioner and an off-duty police officer held him pending police arrival, among other things he shouted, "I hate Christians."

According to Maricella Miranda at the Pioneer Press, "Although the estimated damage of $550 usually earns a gross misdemeanor charge, Fay's case was charged as a felony because he targeted a religious institution, Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said. 

"'It could be construed as a hate-related crime,' Backstrom said." [But let's not leap to any conclusions.]

"Between 1999 and 2008, Fay faced three mental illness-related civil commitment cases in Dakota County, according to court records. Backstrom said he was in the process of tracking down more details, but at least one of those cases resulted in Fay being committed to a psychiatric facility."  [And they released him because ...?]

Poor man. Please pray for him.