Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Regrets, I have a few ....

This week, the Bright Maidens are discussing saving sex for marriage; you can find their posts here, here and here. Frankly, I think they should go on the college lecture circuit.

In the middle of her post, Julie Robison at The Corner With A View said, “But as we told my baby sister last night, as she was bemoaning the ‘awkward talk’ her teacher was giving the class on chastity, no one regrets saying no and waiting for sex.” This is just the kind of line a drive-by commenter loves contradict. Sure enough, that’s what a person calling himself/herself “ex-Catholic” did: “I, absolutely, and completely regret this.” (Note: this is a cut-and-paste quote ... strange punctuation and all.)

Of course. Because going without sex is such a horrible life, y’know. It’s so repressive, so unnatural. Doubtless once s/he got laid the first time, “ex-Catholic” suddenly had a blinding revelation and lost all faith in organized religion. Kind of like how members of HEMP lost faith in all drug studies after they got stoned the first time.

Then again, perhaps "ex-Catholic" regrets not waiting? Tough to tell; normally this kind of comment isn't so abbreviated. Such hand grenades usually come with long, angry denunciations of repressive, intolerant, dogmatic religions and how sex finally freed the commenter from ... whatever. The lack of detail is as puzzling as the oddly-placed commas; "ex-Catholic" might just as well have said: "NOT!" It's like the Argument Clinic:


  1. Thanks for sharing about our posts!

    I have to confess I have no idea what ex-Catholic is trying to get across either. It's frustrating to have a random lurker who loves to leave drive-by comments but Julie can certainly hold her own against it.

  2. Also, we'd love to go on the college lecture circuit. Or hold Young Adult conferences. Or just meet in each in real life :)

  3. Well, I know one of you is in TX, as is (I believe) Julie from Accepting Abundance and my good buddy Subvet. I'd suggest we form the nucleus of the American chapter of the Catholic Bloggers Guild; however, I'm a lousy organizer.

  4. Haha! You mean "Stacy." I live in MA, but grew up in TX. I miss it! I totally agree that they should do a speaking tour. You ladies can organize that on your websites, just post in a page that someone can contact you if they want to schedule a talk. The worst that can happen is that someone contacts you and you have to say no, but it's a way to get started. There may be someone willing to cover travel expenses. I have no doubt you three would be a powerful and engaging talking trio!

    Anthony I had the same thought about a US chapter of a guild but I'm also terrible at organizing anything that isn't restricted to the computer.

  5. (*blush*) My apologies, Stacy. As you can tell from the time stamp, it was pretty late in the night/early in the morning when I wrote that response.

  6. OH MY GOSH THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!! I vote yes. I can't wait to start the circuit. Seriously. And since I plan on writing for a living, I will certainly need the circuit to pay my way, since writing is more of a non-profit profession, minus the freelancing and tax law writing I do for work. :)

    In terms of ex-Catholic, he left a couple of comments on my issues with the Church post which leads me to believe him/ her has been disillusioned by fallen members of the congregation and suffering from a serious dark night of the soul. The best way to combat his/ her comments are a sense of humor, being straight-forward and lots of praying!

    I am not in Texas; I am in Ohio. God bless the Midwest!! Born and bred, baby.

    We definitely need to get more organized, but that's why blog aggregation sites are so nice!

    Oh, and this is a lovely post. Thanks Tony! J'adore Monty Python.

    p.s. Stacy- I, for one, am flattered that I was mistaken for you! :D

  7. "I will certainly need the circuit to pay my way, since writing is more of a non-profit profession, minus the freelancing and tax law writing I do for work. :)"

    Oh, Julie, I hear you loud and clear! Blog aggregate sites are a big help, and we gotta hand it to our man Tito for giving us the break we needed. But that's another thing a guild would be good for: aggregating the aggregates and getting oneself out there. Bloggers don't have agents! And a question Fr. Z mulled the other day—to monetize or not to monetize?