Friday, April 15, 2011

A very modest (and not at all ironic) proposal

Richard over at Linen on the Hedgerow had an idea of the shape he had in mind for the proposed Bloggers Guild over across The Pond. (The actual seed of the idea was Dylan Parry’s). I’ve called for some ideas for our side; here are some of my own:

Proposed guiding principles for Catholic Bloggers of America

  1. The Catholic Bloggers of America unite:
    1. To exchange ideas, techniques and information to help each other become more prominent voices for the Catholic faith;
    2. To give each other support and encouragement in the practice and promotion of the Catholic faith;
    3. To eat, drink, swap stories, throw darts and bowling balls (but not at each other).
  2. No annual dues to be set until it actually begins to cost something to run the Guild; work on behalf of the Guild should be voluntary as much as possible, and money collected only when and to the extent needed.
  3. To the end of principle 2, formal organization should be kept to a minimum, developed only as required. Since the point is to get bloggers in the same room with each other for food, fun and talk, the only real purpose of the organization itself is to get the meetings arranged.
  4. No test of faith should be required … especially not if it involves the flight speed of an African swallow; a simple oath that one abides by the Catechism and talks nice about the Pope will do.
  5. The CBA is not intended to be a PAC or a watchdog organization: no particular political test should be required … unless you’re a unicorn-chomping pinko commie.
  6. About the only other principle I can think of: MINIMUM AGE 21! I don’t want to have the same nightmare Richard had!


  1. Oh... I thought you were going to talk about eating Irish babies...

  2. Excellent encapsulation Anthony, thank you. You're not in London on May 7th are you?

  3. Excellent ideas and proposals! Thanks.

    Oremus pro invicem.

    God bless.

  4. Do we get a secret hand shake or decoder rings?

  5. No way and no how would I join another "Catholic" internet group of any kind. At the last one (designed for Catholic dads) I was berated for crude/inappropriate humor, told my posts honoring KIA service members were out of place, boring and inappropriate, finally informed by visitors from that site to my own blog that my politics weren't quite "Catholic" in their eyes.


    I'll just settle for being happy, handsome and blogging IAW my own preferences and views.

  6. I think I would like to be a part of that. Seems to me that it would be good to talk face to face, rather than over the Internet when something could so easily be taken the wrong way.

  7. Sounds like a good idea.

    Someone who knows what they are doing needs to purchase a domain, and start constructing a website.

    Would this be a discussion board? There are many of those around already. Or would it be a clearing house for e-mails, with guest posts?

  8. Here is a very interesting post on Catholic blogging, which I think is a little more serious than the proposal above.

  9. @ Homeboy: Nah, Swift already explored that theme. Besides, you ever have Irish cooking?

    @ Richard: No, I won't be able to attend that meeting ... no money and no passport. If God gives me enough life, though, one day I will go to England.

    @ SherryTex: I was thinking yellow beanies ....

    @ Subvet: I'm sorry you were burned. That's why I think this should be as informal as possible, with no tests or review committees or anything like that—It's mostly to get people together for fun and mutual support, not to act as a grass-roots Inquisition. (Nobody expects the Grass Roots Inquisition!)

    Giuseppe Ambrose: I'm thinking right now, since we're just past fertilization and going towards parthenogenesis, that a website right now would be limited to signups so a database for contacts and local meets can be set up. Maybe later on down the line, we can look at posts and discussion boards, but here we just need to start getting people together first.

    @ Everybody: Thanks for the replies so far. I just got back from a very long drive (Indianapolis to DFW), so it'll take me a couple of days to figure out what I need to do next. In the meantime, if you could drive more people to this link, we can get more people throwing ideas out.