Friday, April 8, 2011

"Wait, Mr. Mephistopheles, let me see that contract again ...."

From the Associated Press, via

Internal audit rebukes outspoken US ambassador

By BRADLEY KLAPPER 04.07.11 02:11 EDT
WASHINGTON — An internal investigator has rebuked the U.S. ambassador to Malta for spending too much time writing on subjects such as abortion and his Catholic beliefs to the detriment of American diplomacy.

The report released Thursday by the State Department's inspector general says Douglas Kmiec's "outside activities have detracted from his attention to core mission goals," and his articles distract embassy officials forced to review his writing.

Kmiec (kah-MEK') , a pro-life, Catholic backer of President Barack Obama [in the 2008 election], was confirmed as ambassador to the Mediterranean nation in August 2009.

In the Times of Malta, he challenged the president on the question of abortion: "How can you allow someone to terminate another person's life?"
 I keep thinking of St. Thomas More in A Man For All Seasons: "Douglas, it profits a man nothing to gain the whole world if he loses his soul ... but for Malta?"