Friday, May 20, 2011

From the "Blind leading the blind" department ...

Moron #1: Captions a satellite picture of South America "Europe: Truly the worst country."

Moron #2: Says, "Fail: That's africa you ass-hats." No, it isn't.

Moron #3: Says, "Double Fail: Africa is capitalized, dips***s." Right. And there should have been a comma after "Africa" in Moron #2's comment, and Moron #3 should have put "Africa" in quotes. But the picture is still not of Africa.

Quadruple Fail: Not identified, because Moron #4 was apparently trying to make room for his comment.

Moron #4: "Dude ... Europe is a conernent." If you forgive the blatant misspell, he's right; Europe is a continent, not a country. But the picture still shows South America.

Moron #5: "Its Spelled 'Continent'". Yes, and the contraction of it is is spelled with an apostrophe ... "it's". South America is a continent too, by the way. And don't get me started on the single quote-double quote issue. (I'll let him slide on the capitalized middle word.) And the picture of South America is still not correctly identified!

And I probably would be calmer about the whole matter if it didn't remind me so much of combox debates. The original poster gets an issue wrong. One respondent gives an incorrect correction. A second pounces on a minor flaw of detail while missing both the original error and the mis-correction. A third makes another correction that misses the point of the first post; a fourth corrects the third without correcting anyone else. And someone who may have spoken perfect sense somewhere in the midst of it is completely ignored.

Tell me again about the wonders of the Information Age?