Monday, May 9, 2011

From the "Paging Noah Webster" file

If you watch this video from the UC-Irvine/USC-Long Beach Genocide Awareness Project display, near the end you'll see a pro-choice protester throw a nutty:

"You are killing women. You are literally killing women. ... You wanna see pictures of women dead from back-alley abortions? That's a genocide!"

No, actually, it isn't. It's negligent homicide, committed by the abortionist in the process of murdering the unborn child in the first degree (first degree because it's intentional ... "with malice aforethought"). The military would call the death of the mother "collateral damage".

Our would-be spokesperson  isn't only fuzzy on the meaning of "genocide", she's also fuzzy on the meaning of "literally". The folks from GAP would only be "literally" committing genocide if they were physically and intentionally herding pregnant women into back-alley abortion clinics; connecting the dots between abortion and other examples of genocide hardly qualifies.

Now, you may be laughing and shaking your head in disbelief. But here's the kicker: 

This young woman is a college student.

Somebody's not getting their money's worth on the tuition.

[H/T Creative Minority Report]