Friday, May 13, 2011

Reason 11 why the culture of life will win

Yesterday, on her blog I Have to Sit Down, Simcha Fisher wrote a thousand-word apologia/lecture reaming out critics and haters of large families. I've already posted somewhat on this over on The Other Blog; I also linked it on my Facebook status.

Today, she released her promised pregnancy announcement on the National Catholic Register (not to be confused with the National Catholyc Distorter/Fishwrap), which to my sorrow recycled her announcement of Child Number Eight. In the supportive comments was a gem of a conversation a father of four had with a pretentious critic:

Officious, unknown dolt in mall: “HOW can you have so many kids?”
Father of 4: “Because I believe in Darwinism.”
OUDIM: “Wha…what?”
FO4: “Yes. Survival of the fittest means actually reproducing, so your offspring dominate the future. I don’t understand why so many people who believe in Darwinism really, really $uck at following it.”

This was so good I posted it as a comment on the FB link. Stacy Trasancos of Accepting Abundance loved it: "That was so funny it got me to thinking and I 'defended' my large family...TRUCK in my Catholic Free Press article this week. Haha! I read the Darwin comment to my husband over the phone. So funny!"

But it got me thinking ... and then I ran into Marcel LeJeune's post on Aggie Catholic, "10 Reasons Why Pro-Lifers Will Eventually Win".

Reason Number Eleven: Contraception + Abortion + Homosexuality = Geno-suicide. 

People who honestly and fervently practice the "culture of death" meta-religion are contracepting, aborting and buggering themselves out of the gene pool. Those who actually have one or two kids and teach them the "culture of death" story are reducing the chances that their genes will survive. 

Social conservatives who have large families, on the other hand, are playing the long game (if you play chess, you know what I mean). We're already seeing signs of impending triumph: More and more First- and Second-World nations who have adopted the CoD mentality have birth rates that have dropped below replacement levels. The more children you have, the more likely it is that not only your genes but your values will survive to future generations!

Yep, the numbers favor us in the long run, as pro-life people — especially faithful Catholics and Mormons — outbreed the CoD folks. The funny thing is, all the people who are drinking the CoD Kool-Aid consider themselves more intelligent than those blinkered, dumb-bunny conservatives who hang on to outdated religious prescriptions. 

Especially the Brights who sneer at Catholics because they "don't accept Darwin".


  1. Remember this? "The Roe Effect"

    And thank you! You are on to something.

  2. Missed it the first time around. But here's a column from the other side, to which Bill Donohue referred in Secular Sabotage: "Attention Liberals: Please Breed / Conservatives are outbirthing libs by a wide margin. How soon can you get knocked up?"