Friday, May 13, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday (First Attempt!)

A Facebook "friend of a friend" is having trouble thinking of a Star Trek reference for a vanity license plate ... all the more obvious ones (such as my lame-brained first attempt, NCC1701) are likely to be taken. Perhaps GALILEO? METRON? FIZZBIN (you'd really have to be a hard-core fan of ST:TOS to get that!)?

Read one of Mark Shea's quickie posts over at his personal blog, Catholic And Enjoying It! Talks about the bishop of Tripoli begging the UN and Our Glorious Leader to stop bombing them. "All I can think of," Mark muses, "is the grim warning: 'Be nice to America or we will bring democracy to your country.'" I love our troops; I support our military ... but I plotzed when I read that!

Okay, now I'm putting in applications at QuikTrip, RaceTrac, Walgreen's and various QSRs (translation: fast-food restaurants). That's how bad it is. Time to talk to Saint Jude.
My friend Kate at Australia Incognita is considering getting out of blogging altogether, which is sad because: 1) she's good, and 2) she's getting more prominent down there. How about paying her a visit?

Please say a prayer for Trista at Not A Minx ... lift her up while she goes through a rough patch.

There are times when I wish all of life came with a backspace key or an "edit" button ....
It's odd having a couple of minor celebrities in the family. I should just say, "My cousin Steve's wife, Laura, should be giving birth any old day now, and we're all looking forward to it." I want to say, "My cousin, DC UNITED GOALIE STEVE CRONIN, and his beautiful wife, MODEL LAURA KRISTI, are expecting ...". Yeah, like I had anything to do with their semi-fame and meeting! I suppose it's the same kind of ego that led me to blogging ....

*     *     *
So there you have it. Check in over the weekend to see if anything else has popped up. And say a prayer for your local Ordinary ... God knows, he probably needs it. Gratia Dei vobiscum.

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  1. Thanks for including me in this 7 quick takes! I really appreciate it!