Friday, May 6, 2011

SNAPpy comebacks to irrelevant whining

Arch-whiner David Clohessy
On the Catholic Herald website, Fr. Andrew Pinset has a remarkable list of all the contributions members of the Catholic Church have made to Western civilization starting with the sciences. While the list is by no means exhaustive, it's representative enough.

The whole point of the article was to remind people that Catholicism has given a lot to the world, and built the intellectual and cultural foundations from which many people attack it today.

How annoying, then, when David Clohessy, the ethically-challenged director of SNAP, left this piece of irrelevancy on the combox:

It's sad that Fr. Pinsent can't even bring himself to acknowledge, in even one sentence, the church's horrific and on-going clergy sex abuse and cover up crisis.

The next person wrote: "wow the article was not even disc. the abuse scandal and well ... of course you got to bring it up ... Are you hounding teachers and baptist ministers etc in all thier articles as well, no matter if it has anything to do with the topic?"

 Let's ease up on Davie, now. I mean, it's not like anybody else is talking about the scandals. It's not as if people are constantly beating us over the heads with it in the comboxes and the MSM or anything. I mean, heck, if Davie didn't bring it up in posts that have nothing to do with the scandals, I'm sure everybody would forget that it ever happened. Right?

Although I'm not sure why Davie wanted Fr. Pinset to mention it in a column about all the good things the Catholic Church has done. We are all agreed the scandals are a bad thing, yes?

Now, before you all get sarcastic, be sure to beat your breasts for at least thirty seconds in remorse. After all, we're Catholics, and we're all about perpetual guilt.


  1. That was me , I am Jeff Thompson , It just amazed me to see hatred to the church that you canno even bring yourself to reconize the good the church has doen for society . I am a former bapt. minister and my wife is a teacher so that is why I used those as examples , believe me there are many scandles within the baot. ministry and school , yet I have never seen those inst. treated like the Church has been treated .

  2. Thanks for following the comment, Jeff, and for your standing up for us.

    Needless to say, I do get frustrated and angry with every new revelation, even when the actual fact of the abuse is years old. However, Dave Clohessy just tears the back out of it, with backing false accusations and injecting the scandals into every forum whether they're relevant or not. One day, he's going to push it too far, and then SNAP will lose its credibility completely.