Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another item for the wish list

It figures that I get all these great ideas for books to read when my book budget equals zero. 

The most recent is If Protestantism Is True, by fellow blogger Devin Rose. If you don't read his blog, shame on — er, um, Devin was raised an atheist, then converted to Christianity, eventually coming home to the Catholic Church. Frankly, I'm a sucker for conversion stories, whether they're gentle course corrections over a span of years or road-to-Damascus baseball bats that change the convert's life practically overnight. But according to the description, conversion stories are only a couple of dishes in the full buffet.

Right now, Amazon.com only has the book available in Kindle format for US $2.99. However, you can get the paperback through the Amazon-associated site CreateSpace for US $12.99. If you've got a couple extra bucks in your reading budget, pick it up, read it and send me a review, okay?