Friday, June 3, 2011

Condom zombies on the march!

Over on the National Catholic Register, Jimmy Akin has written a fine takedown of Catholics For Choice's outrageous attempt to make last November's PR fiasco over B16's remarks about condoms in Light of the World: A Conversation with Peter Seewald work for them. I nearly wasted space on The Other Blog with a thousand-word "ditto". However, I can just say "ditto", point you to Jimmy, and move onward with the simple additional comment that CFC's pants are on fire.

But there is something else to share. In Jimmy's combox, Matthew Warner mused, "Reminds me of this funny video Thomas Peters [the American Papist] put together." And Jimmy wrote back "Yes! I thought of that video while writing the post!" Intrigued, I followed the link.

The cartoon was put together through Xtranormal, so the dialogue is jerky and a little obviously "read" by computers. However, that simply makes the Struggling Catholic's repeated, "But the Pope said I can have the condom" that much funnier. So here we go: