Friday, June 10, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday! (Vol. 4)

Got an invitation to the annual class golf tournament. Would be great to go ... if it were held down here in Texas. Alas, it's back at the old hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. Next year is the thirtieth reunion ... hopefully I'm working by then ....
Julie from The Corner With A View is back in the USA from her trip to South Korea! Hopefully she'll have something posted for us tomorrow.

Stacy at Accepting Abundance has an interesting reflection on being open to life after 40. I just remember something a father of four said on Simcha Fisher's blog when confronted with the inevitable question:

Officious, unknown dolt in mall: “How can you have so many kids?”
Father of 4: “Because I believe in Darwinism.”
OUDIM: “Wha…what?”
FO4: “Yes. Survival of the fittest means actually reproducing, so your offspring dominate the future. I don’t understand why so many people who believe in Darwinism really, really suck at following it.”

That having been said, being open to life does not require going out of one's way to become pregnant. But if Stacy and her husband want another child, then it's a beautiful thing ... such a delightful change from "Don't we already have enough?"

Speaking of great lines: 
“Literature departments really are where bad ideas go to die — or, rather, to walk the earth as poorly reanimated zombies, eating the brains of heedless young people.” — John Zmirak, “The Economy Is Not A Poem”, Crisis, 6/8/2011

Some lines just make you sit back and admire the craft.
 Speaking of great lines, His Hermeneuticalness has this one: 

I like the idea that the Secretary of Ecclesia Dei would so easily speak of themes "that are known." This is honest and sensible: we do all know the principal points under discussion, and Catholic blogs have helped, I think, in a sort of Distributed Denial of Stupidity by focussing on the real doctrinal questions.
My younger brother, Bob, has finally gone from splints covered in yards of Ace bandages and cotton to a fiberglass cast on his leg. The goal is for the fracture of his tibia to keep from collapsing while it tries to heal, so he won't require surgery ... with his diabetes and the cellulitis in his leg, the probability of infection from surgery approaches 1.0. Keep him in your prayers!
Devin Rose is sending me a free copy of If Protestantism Is True to review. My friend Elise is also reviewing the Kindle version of it, and Brent Stubbs has posted a positive review already. So I'm looking forward to it even more!

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Look for another installment of Random Political Observations Sunday. Otherwise, have a great weekend!