Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back at'cha, Abbie Hoffman!

Reading Abp. Timothy Dolan's remarks on the gay-marriage fight two Fridays ago, I nearly started humming "Blowin' in the Wind" and making myself some tie-dyed shirts.

In passing, the Prince of the Big Apple said, "As Blessed John Paul II often commented, the Church is 'counter-cultural,' like Jesus, often at odds with what passes as chic, enlightened, and progressive." Another way to say it is that we're a sign of contradiction, a living poke at the complacency and self-assurance of those who account themselves wise according to the world. His last two paragraphs really bring this theme out:

Finally, last point, for us in the Church, not much changes.  We continue to hold fast to the God-given definition of marriage, and acknowledge that no unfortunate legislative attempt can alter reality and morality.  Yes, we have a big catechetical challenge, in that we have to admit that quite a few people no longer hold to this timeless moral truth.  (Although I still believe most people do; thus the fear of a referendum on the issue by those who still claim this is a “grassroots movement” sweeping the nation.)  Yes, we do have our work cut out for us, as even some Catholics, and, scandalously, even political leaders who claim to be Catholic, tell us the Church is “out of it,” and has no claim on truth.
So, we try our best to witness to the truth, encouraging our married couples and their kids to be loving, radiant, “lights to the world.”  We acknowledge that, as St. Augustine taught, if something is wrong, even if everybody else is doing it, it’s still wrong; and, if something is right, even if nobody else is doing it anymore, it’s still right.  Like St. Thomas More, we’re willing to take the heat and even lose our head from following a conscience properly formed by God’s revelation and the teaching of His Church, even if it is politically incorrect, and clashes with the King’s demands to re-define marriage.
Yes, those who once lived according to the motto, "Question Authority!" have themselves become The Authority (and they don't tolerate being questioned!).
But it's not "We Shall Overcome". It's "He (the Lord) Shall Overcome"!

Now to complete the revolutionary picture, let's have a little Marx and Lennon!