Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How does Mark Shea do it?

Recently, Simcha Fisher made a comment I found amusing ... well, not that that's strange, because I think she's on her way to becoming this generation's Erma Bombeck (with a Catholic twist). Anyway: "Some people (coughmarksheacough) make [blogging] look easy. He can blog with his left hand while writing a book with his right. Heck, sometimes he writes one book with each hand and just lets his beard do the blogging."
You know how he does it? I figure it's because he doesn't let himself get sidetracked by what's going on in the comments. Oh, he'll throw out one or two replies here and there, but mainly he lets his followers and the occasional drop-in anti-Catholic (or anti-Shea, since he writes no-holds-barred) fight it out amongst themselves.

The last couple of days, I've been having a grand old time trading comments with an agnostic (who turned out to be a pretty cool guy once we dropped our defenses a bit) on a couple of my posts here: "The Golden Calf of Scientism" and "The Ideological Turing Test". But between responding to his comments, taking care of my brother, and grilling up some hot dogs and brats for my nephews, I never got around to writing a post for either blog. (Not to mention that Twitter is starting to make incursions into my writing time ... #@&$! new-fangled social media ....) 

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I've said elsewhere that I generally prefer to argue by email anyway. But now I'm at the point where Outlook is beginning to receive as much mail every day as at my last job with the Brobdingnagian Banking Institution ... and that's not counting the spam. (Although it does include the notifications I get from Twitter, which are rather pointless when I have it open on my desktop all the flippin' livelong day.)

Which is all by way of saying that you'll be seeing fewer replies from me in the combox from here on out, though I won't completely blow y'all off. Feel free, though, to refer friends and bloggers over here to agree, disagree or fight with whomever else (dis)agrees. I figure my first job is to write things compelling enough to bring you over in the first place ... which is hard to do if I spend my time arguing over the last thing I wrote.