Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mermaids ....

Yumiko Kayukawa: Mermaid Lady Time
I refer you to The Wide-Eyed, Legless, a blog centered on mermaids, which also links you to other blogs that apparently have these mythical sea vixens on the brain.

Is this the new thing? Did Hans Christian Andersen and Disney inspire a segment of Generation Y to opt for sirens instead of nosferatu? I can only hope; after all, the whole Goth thing is so done.

(Though I must admit Pauley Perrette's "Abby Sciutto", the Goth forensic scientist on NCIS, adds depth to a kind of  person I'd only encountered in Omaha's Old Market area, looking misunderstood, hostile and more than a little emo.)

Can anyone clarify, or add to my pathetically small knowledge of this subset?