Friday, July 1, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday! (Vol. 6)

The funny thing is, I didn't feel any worse at 1:40 am Thursday morning than I did when I woke up ... or for Lord knows how long before that. So when I started coughing up blood, it kind of piqued my interest.

Turns out I've had a touch of pneumonia for some time; what coughing I've had I'd written off as part of my usual smoker's hack. I just got out of the hospital a couple of hours ago, with a couple of prescriptions, a couple of Band-Aids from the sticks, and a throat made a little raw from breathing treatments and O2 stuck in my nose. However, looks like my ongoing sinusitis is clearing up!

While I was laying on my back, trying to tune out my frustration at not being hooked up to the blogosphere and aching for a cigarette, one of the talking heads was grumbling how Congress could come to such an easy agreement over switching the hats of Gen. David Petraeus and Leon Panetta but no one could come to grips with the spiralling national debt, a major driver of which is the cost of US intervention in foreign lands.
"Well," says I to myself, "that'll make an interesting commentary for The Other Blog." I'll have to work on it. But the short answer is: The DoD is a major driver of the budget because the DoD is a major driver of our economy! The money we send to Washington every year doesn't just sit there or go into congressperson's pockets, folks! A lot of it gets spent on stuff that 1) costs a lot of money and 2) puts a lot of people to work at 3) quite a bit more than minimum wage. Do you really want to put thousands of servicepersons, government workers and government-contractor employees on the dole right when we're trying to get out of the doldrums? (And that's part of the reason I think we're nailed.)

You should never go to a hospital for a rest. Nurses, techs, specialists and other folks are scheduled to interrupt sleep at two to three hour intervals.

On the other blog, a person commented that the idea of women fertilizing women, laughable in 1992, is being worked on even now. She reminded me of something my family and I — all major Star Trek: The Original Series fans — have talked about before.

Tablets and Kindles = PADDs. Your cell phone is rapidly becoming a cross between the communicator and the tricorder. Although the tech is still a little gimpy for my tastes, you can talk to a computer that talks back to you. (Just think of Jimmy Doohan — God rest his soul! — in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: "A keyboard ... how quaint.") On deck, a lab in Australia is working on transporter technology; over here, we have a race on for commercial shuttles, as well as burgeoning applications for adult stem cells in re-growing skin, bones and organs.
On the downside, though, we have genetic manipulators working on creating Homo sapiens 2.0. Just think of Khan Noonien Singh, and wonder how far we are from the Eugenics Wars ....

My nephews Colin and Aidan are coming to Texas in a couple of weeks. Both of them are really good kids with sly senses of humor; Aidan is the one that's going to be in the movie I mentioned a month ago, Life Fine Tuned. Then, a week after that, my buddy Steve is coming down from Omaha to kill some time while his wife and kids are out of town; we may go to WinStar to see Styx and Yes in concert ... or we may just spend the weekend swimming, playing penny-ante poker and drinking beer over at my brother's house. So this month's had a rough start, but it looks to be good from here on out!

Got another email requesting a book review. The author introduced himself as Thomas Peters, and I was thinking, "Cool! American Papist himself!"  But then I read a little of his bio, and he's a bit older than I am, let alone Ed Peters' boy. Nevertheless, after I get some contact issues settled, I'll hopefully have something else I can recommend to fellow readers. I still don't think Steven Greydanus has anything to fear from me ....

Julie at The Corner With A View is looking to devote some posts in August on the Catholic Church and sex — not sexuality, sex. I enjoy her writing style; moreover, she's one of the Bright Maidens, whom I've written about as "what feminism should have produced but didn't". I'll probably contribute posts to a couple of the topics, but do go check hers out first!

*     *     *
On Monday, I will probably post a couple of quick blips noting the Declaration's 235th anniversary, and pick up steam again on Tuesday. Of course, look for Random Political Observations on Sunday. As always, have a blessed weekend!