Friday, July 22, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday! (Vol. 8)

My nephews, Colin and Aidan Toth, managed to get a bit packed in over the last week: A couple of days' worth of swimming, as well as a day at a water park; shopping at Grapevine Mills with Aunt Annette; watching DC United play FC Dallas at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco and getting to meet their cousin, DC goalie Steve Cronin (whom I hadn't seen for a couple of years); and driving go-carts with Uncle Ted. I especially had fun grilling up hot dogs and brats for them.

While they were here, my niece Charlene Dill (Ted and Annette's oldest) came into town with her two girls, Tori and Gracie; I got to see them a couple of times. Tori is looking to turn out to be a red-headed Irish mischief-maker (you'd think the Irish strain would be a bit diluted by now), while Gracie is a bit sweeter and not so much a scamp. They had plenty of fun tormenting their old great-uncle.

My buddy Steve Thelen, whom I've known since first grade (forty-one years ... good Lord, where does the time go), is coming into town this weekend while his wife and daughter go off on a trip. We're going to meet up at the WinStar Casino in Thayerville, Okla., to hopefully catch Yes and Styx in concert. And perhaps this Sunday we'll catch Mass at the Cistercian Abbey at Our Lady of Dallas (complete with Gregorian chant!).

With some trepidation, I stepped into the wider world of Twitter. I've found that it does make getting my blogs posted to my Facebook page that much easier, and I do have a number of people that are now following on Twitter that aren't doing it through Google, Networked Blogs or FB. On the down side, it's easier to fall behind on Twitter than on FB. You can follow me by clicking the button on the sidebar, or by looking up @AnthonySLayne.

Devin Rose at St. Joseph's Vanguard has mentioned both Impractical Catholic and Outside the Asylum, putting me in such stellar company as Patrick Coffin and Francis J. Beckwith. That's on top of the relationships I've already begun to form with Frank Weathers, Lisa Graas and Stacy Trasancos, who have been in the apologetics game longer than I. I'm quite humbled ... and actually a little scared; next to these folks, I'm a newbie and a punter. Oh, well ... to slightly paraphrase Edna St. Vincent Millay, a person who writes a blog appears willfully in public with his pants down.

After five years in North Central Texas, you'd think I'd be used to the summers here. And I know there are many places across the US (and Canada!) where the temperature is going over the 100° mark. Still, the high here is supposed to be 102°, and that's the coolest it's supposed to be for the next five flippin' days!  Holy cow! Life comes to a standstill when you don't even want to run to the store for food because that takes you away from central air conditioning. Who even wants to eat anyway, when it's this bloody hot?

I haven't seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 yet; if Steve and I do a movie (in lieu of golf), it'll be a toss-up between that and Captain America. Yes, me and my educated, highbrow tastes ....

*     *     *
That's it for this week's installment. I don't know if I'm going to be able to post anything in the next couple of days, but certainly come Monday I'll be back on the job. Have a great weekend, and God bless!