Thursday, August 25, 2011

From the "Good to know that" department

When we look at the situation of unemployed people and many ordinary workers, we see not only individuals in economic crisis, but also struggling families and hurting communities. We see a society that cannot use the talents and energies of all those who can and should work. We see a nation that cannot assure people who work hard every day that their wages and benefits can support a family in dignity. We see a workplace where many have little participation, ownership, or a sense they are contributing to a common enterprise or the common good. An economy that cannot provide employment, decent wages and benefits, and a sense of participation and ownership for its workers is broken in fundamental ways.

Reminds me of one of Calvin Coolidge's more penetrating economic insights: "When millions of people are out of work, unemployment results."  It's statements like these that make me feel the USCCB is like the last guy in the room to get the message ... whatever the message happens to be at the time.