Monday, September 26, 2011

From the "Doctor Hoo, boy" file

When I first saw this picture on What Does The Prayer Really Say, I thought the inestimable Father Z had picked it up from Bad Vestments. Seriously. After having seen some of the tackiest liturgical ensembles there, I was moderately relieved that the colors were at least subdued. No, it turned out that the source was the fine Australian blog Coo-ees from the Cloister.

But then I started reading the comments. Eagle-eyed fans of Doctor Who had picked up the young geek in the corner holding the picture of the Dalek and the sign that says "CON-SE-CRATE CON-SE-CRATE". As one woman said for the edification of the rest of us, "Daleks generally go around shrieking 'ex-ter-min-ate' in shrill metallic voices."

Since the Daleks are evil, one writer suggested that the young man was "a plant from the TLM group at the local university, or some such. He can't be a serious participant." 

Oh, yes he could be serious ... remarkably clueless but serious. Or does no one remember the Star Wars storm troopers that "stood with Planned Parenthood" on their Facebook page?

Sometimes the worst enemies of the Culture of Death are themselves. I'm not worried about the real long term, because the gene pool is self-cleansing, and the advocates of the Culture of Death are doing everything in their power to let us outbreed them. But you still have to hope that people like Dalek Boy and the nimrod who posted the storm trooper fail are signs that the CoD is losing its PR savvy.