Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another one bites the dust!

You might remember this story from last year: Since September 2008, a group of priests started praying weekly in front of the Northern Illinois Women's Center, a notorious abortion mill. Not just any prayers, either — "special prayers of the Church that the abortion mill be cleansed from evil", which argues prayers from the rite of exorcism. Within a month, the numbers started declining.

Soon after that, the signs began appearing in the clinic's windows, attacking the priests. Last year, when I first wrote about this story in The Other Blog, they'd sunk to a new low:

I don't own the copyrights. The car at far right had been egged.
Since that day three years ago, the priests have been joined by other protesters. LifeSiteNews has recorded both violence and threats of violence against people praying, counseling and offering free ultrasounds outside the clinic. Moreover, the clinic expanded its range of insults and bizarre mockery to include such things as crucifying and lynching rubber chickens ... in a predominantly African-American neighborhood. (Too insensitive to think of the racist overtones, or too loony to care? Your guess is as good as mine.)

Yesterday, Pro-Life Corner reported that the Illinois Department of Public Health has indefinitely suspended NIWC's license, because “the department had found conditions at the facility that are a direct threat to the public interest, health, safety and welfare requiring immediate, emergency action." There's also a report I haven't verified yet that the nutjob owner, Wayne Webster, has been fined $15,000.

Granted, IDPH wasn't exactly "Johnny at the rat hole" to shut NIWC down. The actual inspection took place in June. "A local nurse who read the report from the Illinois Dept of Public Health said, 'Yet, even with all these violations and without a registered nurse in their employ, they were open for business the very next day.  What does it take for the IDPH to shut this place down?  Do women really deserve this quality of medical care?'" As "Fred" commented this morning on the Pro-Life Corner combox, "I honestly didn't know that the IDPH had enough integrity, even after years of dereliction of duty, to [suspend NIWC's license]."

It remains to be seen whether NIWC will stay close, or if the State of Illinois will pursue any other action. But this exchange, reported by LifeSiteNews, is too good to pass up: One of the most recent signs taped up in NIWC's window taunted protesters, “You morons couldn’t close a jack in the box.” Kevin Rilott, the editor of the Pro-Life Corner blog, exulted, “He is right, pro-lifers can’t shut an abortion mill down. But the dangerous, unsanitary, and disgusting conditions inside the mill can shut it down!”

Update: Same day
Over at Jill Stanek's blog, Rachael C. reports:

Wow, at the [Rockford Register-Star] article, when faced with the deplorable conditions of this clinic, all the pro-choice commenters can do is plug their ears and say, “I don’t believe you!” and/or scream and rant “Abortion is the law of the land!” “Abortion a legal right!” “Men don’t have a say!” while continuing to defend abortion rights and abortion providers, but turn a blind eye to and refusing to address the issue of sub par clinics and women who’ve been injured at these clinics, which seems to me to be a diservice [sic] to women.
 I believe it. They pretty much did the same thing with Kermit Gosnell's little shop of horrors. To the hard-core pro-aborts, access trumps everything, even the most basic, common-sense health and safety regulations, as was indisputably demonstrated in Virginia earlier this year. Because when it comes right down to it, it's not really about women's health ... it's about a stupid, misogynistic "feminist" social theory that tells women motherhood is slavery and that homemaking is inferior to working. So what if women are physically damaged and emotionally traumatized by abortion ... doesn't the seed of liberty only grow when watered with blood?

Closing the clinics, of course, does nothing to dispel the radical-feminist groupthink that fuels the hard-core pro-abort's anger. But the more that these clinics come into the light, and the more the pro-aborts fight to keep them open, the more obvious to everyone else their self-delusion becomes.

Sing it, Freddie!

[H/T to Matt Archbold @ Creative Minority Report!]