Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This can't be good either ...

Pamela Anderson w/ Russell Peters
According to The Hollywood Reporter [H/T to Deacon Greg], former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson will be playing Mary the Blessed Virgin in "A Russell Peters Christmas Special".

Kinda like Carson Kressley playing Frank Gilbreth, Sr. in an adaptation of Cheaper by the Dozen, right? That had to be half the joke of casting Ms. Accidental-Porn-Star right there. I don't even wanna know where CTV and Comedy Central are taking the script from there; given recent trends in comedy (see – or rather, don't see – A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas), a little respect for Christian beliefs would be a lot to hope for.

Olivia Hussey as Mary
Aren't I doing pretty much the same thing that various Jewish critics did about The Passion of the Christ — condemning without first watching? To which I respond: Russell Peters, Comedy Central, Pamela Anderson as Mary ... how much do I need to see? The hand has already been tipped! "Let's wait for that asteroid to hit the earth before we decide whether it will wipe all life out!"

You get the feeling some people think Christmas would be a better holiday if it weren't for all that stuff about the Nativity? Ah, well ... I still have Jesus of Nazareth in my DVD collection. Olivia Hussey is far more credible. Besides, she looked the right age.