Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Occupy the News Roundup

How to Embarrass Friends and Alienate Potential Allies
I started out with a simple clip I found on Michelle Malkin's site: Three days after four men were arrested after allegedly setting fire to two American flags that had flanked the information desk at the Old City hall where they are camping, members of Occupy Charlotte have broken off and formed a splinter group, the People’s Coalition of the Carolinas.  (The title of the YouTube clip is good: "Occupy Charlotte breaks up with itself".  That's the ultimate rejection — when your hand just wants to be friends.) [H/T Doug Powers!]

Just for the heck of it, I checked three MSM sites to see if any of them were paying attention to any of the "Occupy" groups any more.  Come to find out, FoxNews had a report on a song supposedly written by third-grade students at Woodbrook Elementary in Albemarle Co., Va., which shows signs of political indoctrination through its references to "1" and "99 percent".  (“We really don’t censor the topics that students come up with,” school spokesman Phil Giaramita told Fox News, which caused one wag to crack: "Oh really? Let's just put 'Jesus' and 'God' in there and see what happens!")

Third-grade lyrics? You decide!
In turn, the FoxNews post referenced Weasel Zippers, that indefatigable reseacher of left-wing lunacy.  Of course, that story was no longer Page 1; in flipping back to the story (Page 3), I came across several entries:

So this is what the end of civilization looks like: Theater of the Absurd. Press the Kafka button!

BTW, one of the best comments on Michelle Malkin's site: "I’m confused.  Is this the dangerous crazy moonbats breaking away from the mainstream lunatic fringe or is this the mainstream lunatic fringe breaking away from the dangerous crazy moonbats?  It’s hard for me to tell this the difference."