Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rick a homophobe? Not according to gay former aide!

Thanks to Tom Peters the American Papist for pointing everyone to this segment on Hardball with Chris Matthews, where former Santorum aide Robert Traynham (who is both gay and black ... a double whammy!) defends his quondam boss' character and beliefs.  You get the impression that Matthews invited Traynham onto the show expecting the man to diss on Santorum, and wasn't happy when Traynham refused to oblige him in the slightest.

The fact is, many gay people are not happy with the Dan Savages and Andrew Sullivans of the LGBT lobby, with their temper tantrums, their incessant name-calling and their juvenile stunts (like the Santorum Google Bomb).  My kind of social conservative willingly admits, and even posits as a fact, that there are plenty of gay people who are good, responsible, contributing citizens; we simply hold that same-sex attraction is a cross to be carried, not a gift (or "difference") to be celebrated.  [In fact, I was pleased to see that Cdl. Francis George retracted his ill-considered comment comparing the gay lobby to the KKK; while various apologists for gay rights are quite skilled at verbal bullying and intimidation tactics, I don't think terms like "Gay Brownshirts" advance the cause or make reasonable discussion possible.  Just sayin'.]  And people like Traynham know this and respect it, even if they don't agree.  Mister Traynham, I tip my hat to you, sir!