Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Snippets—A Catholic Carnival (1/8/12)

Welcome back to Sunday Snippets!  Sunday Snippets is a circle of traded posts hosted by RAnn at This That and the Other Thing.  For some fine Catholic reading, please follow this link!

This was an odd week for me.  Since I'm an independent, I normally stay back from the nomination process.  However, the question this year is, Who is the alternative to Obama?  So I've not only picked a candidate to back, I've found myself writing on political issues a lot more than I ordinarily do.

On Outside the Asylum, I wrote two posts in response to a hysterical screed posted on CNN by comedian Dean Obeidallah, who accused Rick Santorum of wanting to impose a "Judeo-Christian Sharia".  While the first simply looked at Obeidallah's vision of horrible dhimmitude and found it somewhat less oppressive than Nazi Germany, the second post looked at Sharia and the Western concept of human rights.  I also threw a nutty about David Clohessy's claim that SNAP should be held to a "different standard of transparency" than should the Catholic Church.

On The Impractical Catholic, I had a post jam-packed with news from the OWS front, most of which was provided by Weasel Zippers, a website you might want to frequent if you're Catholic, a conservative Protestant, or if you just fear for the sanity of our country.  (Or maybe not, if you want to retain some vestige of hope.)  There was also another installment of my irregular feature, "Ask Tony", on the subject of fundamentalists — a much abused and misused word, I fear.

Yes, yes, I'm backing Rick Santorum.  But I still want that picture to become an Internet meme!  "Rick-Rolling" here is when you try to go for another candidate, but are redirected to Santorum ... and you realize it's all for the best.

On Catholic Bandita, where I occasionally guest-post, I asked a question that no one else seems to be able to answer: Why is the GOP so scared of Pres. Obama?  More to the point, why are all the chattering classes talk about Mitt Romney as "the only one that can beat Obama" ... but with the same disappointed tone as though we were sending Betty White into the ring to take on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin?  I also take a look at the big government/little government argument, and decide that it's time-wasting nonsense.

Have a great Sunday!  See you tomorrow!