Friday, February 10, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday! (Vol. 14)

This week hosted at Betty Beguiles!

One bit of "culture shock" I've yet to get used to, even after 5½ years in the Lone Star State, is mowing the lawn in February.  Nevertheless, it's gotta be done ... I've got weeds coming up to my knees here!

Part of being on Twitter is knowing whom to block.  Got a message today that "NOM Tweets Hate (@nomtweetshate) is now following you on Twitter!"  *sigh* Nobody cares about subtlety or subterfuge anymore.  I have no use for people who want to cram my opinions into their agenda-driven delusions, so he's been booted off my feed.

My buddy Subvet from Blowing San #1 nominated The Other Blog for a Liebster Blog award.  This is actually a pretty cool thing, because it helps link us bloggers with smaller audiences to one another; you can follow the nominations forward or backward and come up with some good reading.  Go check it out!

As of this writing (5:27 pm CST), the White petition started by Frank Weathers is at 29,099 signatures!  And the St. Gianna's Physician's Guild petition is at 21,955!  While the White House is busy making "accommodations" that are really advances in their position, we're gaining more and more support every day!

Next week, as I announced last week, I start my new job processing loan modification documents.  The main difficulty is that, after a week of training from 8 to 5, my work schedule will be 7-10 am and 3-8 pm.  How will I find time to write?  We'll see!
I love this sign that's reportedly on Associate Justice Clarence Thomas' desk: “Thou shalt not emanate from the penumbra.”

Last night, I was discussing the Susan G. Komen debacle with some brother Knights.  One of them suggested, half-fun and full earnest, that the Knights or the Church offer mammograms.  From there, it built into a serious idea:  incorporate breast screenings, mammograms and other women's health services into the pregnancy shelters that Catholic charities run, as a full-on pro-life competitor to Planned Barrenhood!  This is an idea that needs to be followed up!

*     *     *

And that's all for this week.  Have a safe and pleasant weekend, and remember: Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent is Feb. 22, so now is a good time to start thinking of your Lenten sacrifice!