Friday, February 24, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday! (Vol. 15)

On the one hand, I appreciate the opportunity to work and make money again.  On the other, I miss having all day available to write.
Jehovah's Witnesses to the left of me!  Jehovah's Witnesses to the right of me!  It's chaos!  How did they all end up working for the same *@#&$ company!?

This company is expanding so rapidly that they're still installing security and offices with windows in the building they just leased before I interviewed.  Right now my job consists of re-reading the training materials while waiting for my computer to arrive so I can actually earn my paycheck.
Angel Coulby and Adetomiwa Edun from Merlin
Okay, I understand that English television is the epitome of British secular rationality.  This explains why Angel Coulby and Adetomiwa Edun were cast in a television show set in England  sometime between the fifth and eleventh centuries, when you were as likely to see a person of African descent as you were to see an armadillo walking across the Roman road.

Ate lunch at Razoo's today ... fortunately, there are plenty of places near my office I can have fish or seafood for lunch on Fridays.  The hurricane shrimp lunch special was reasonably priced, and was exquisitely spicy.  Nevertheless, I can't shake the feeling that Razoo's is bidding to become a Cajun Outback Steakhouse.  Meaning that you pay a little extra for decor and atmosphere that tries a little too hard to convince you it authentically represents the culture.
I've been trying to do some writing at a library about a mile and a half from my office.  On Wednesday, I finished my Ash Wednesday post for The Other Blog at 11:45 am, and drove like a madman through North Dallas traffic, making one wrong turn, to get to the only church within reasonable distance — Prince of Peace Catholic Community [say what?] in Plano.  Got there at the stroke of noon ... and there wasn't a place to park within half a mile of the joint.  While the Catholic blogger and apologist part of me was pleased to see such a turnout, the rest of me swore furiously — I blew through a friggin' red arrow to get there, dammit!  Ah, well ... it wasn't a holy day of obligation, at least.

Belated recognition to my friend Lisa Graas, for whom Ash Wednesday marked the twenty-first year since she was received into Mother Church!
*     *     *

Have a great weekend!