Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunday Snippets—A Catholic Carnival (2/5/12)

Welcome back to Sunday Snippets!  Sunday Snippets is a circle of traded posts hosted by RAnn at This That and the Other Thing.  For some fine Catholic reading, please follow this link!

Well, well, it's been quite a week.  At least at the end of it — the first couple of days I could barely prod a thought out of my brain.  Then the HHS controversy started heating up good and proper, as more bishops sounded off against the Obamination and more people sounded off for and against the mandate.  Then the news broke out about Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Planned Barrenhood, and we got front-row seats to a mob-style shakedown,played out with the active connivance of the MSM and a huge chunk of Congress on the national stage.
So what  are this week's selections?

And that's all for this Sunday.  This will be my last week of having all day to write my posts; I start work on February 13.  In the meantime, we'll see what breaks ....