Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your daily irony supplement

There are some news items that, as soon as you see them, just cause your brain to explode.  "Too ... many ... jokes ... Must ... mock ... idiots ...."  This first item is self-explanatory:

As they used to say in the British Submarine Service, "Never mind your enemies, watch out for your friends."  

And then we have this clear example of religious sensitivity:

Rick, I love you, man, but you gotta talk to your staffers about these things.

Speaking about Our Next President, this in from Mitt after his three-state shellacking the other night: "We'll keep on campaigning down the road, but I expect to become our nominee with your help."  And FOX News just released a poll saying that the majority of Republicans still view Romney as the candidate most likely to beat Obama.  Once again, the MSM takes up the chant that Romney's nomination is "inevitable".  Which brings me to this reading from the prophet Inigo: