Sunday, March 25, 2012

More gender silliness in Miami, Ohio

Wow ... two weeks without a word here! I apologize for the prolonged silence.

As soon as I saw the headline for the Creative Minority Report entry, I had to check it out: Transgender Student Files Complaint After [Being] Banned From All-Male Dorm!

Transgender Ohio Student
Ms./Mr. Kaeden Kass
Kaeden Kass is genotypically and phenotypically female.  But in the alternate-universe thinking of "queer theory", that doesn't matter — she says she identifies as a male, and therefore must be treated as a male.  Confident that the world must bow to her self-identification, she applied to be a resident assistant at a male dorm at Miami (Ohio) University.

MU, oddly enough, paid no attention to her self-identification and rejected her application, offering her instead an RA berth at a female dorm.  “The problem is, I’m a male-identified person,” Kass told CBS Cleveland, who posted her story (and used masculine pronouns whenever the story referred to her). “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.”  And so she has filed a complaint against MU ... with whom, the story doesn't mention (I presume some university board empowered to make changes in the name of diversity and inclusiveness).

I have little confidence that MU will be able to stand firm against Kass' quixotic challenge; mainstream universities live in fear of offending anyone, and will often surrender as soon as the first shot is fired.  If the men in the dorm are offended or made uncomfortable by a "man" who is physically female, that's just tough luck for their inflexible small-mindedness, isn't it?

(Of course, if it were the other way around — a phenotypically male "woman" demanding a post as an RA of a female dorm — the resistance would be louder and stronger.  In the funhouse-mirror world of progressive politics, women are allowed to have all-female enclaves and social groups, but not men.)

Abraham Lincoln once said of his propensity to joke, "I laugh because I must not cry, that is all."  If there's a reason to cry, it's because people like Kass are being harmed rather than helped by such gender silliness.  Kass' XX genotype is a physical reality that in the end imposes its influence on her whether or not she chooses to acknowledge it; gender identity disorder is an honest-to-God problem that requires treatment and compassion rather than indulgence and political-action committee intervention.
The genotype matters because it's tied to the manner in which human beings reproduce.  There it is, the ugly fact that progressivists prefer not to acknowledge: reproduction is the primary biological raison d'ĂȘtre of sex and human sexuality.  Chemicals and surgery don't change it; in fact, such misguided medical interventions pay backhanded compliments to it.  Queer theorists can pretend all they want that it's just a matter of redefining words and changing social reactions; the bedrock reality behind the "social constructs" isn't fooled by such mental gymnastics.

Or, as we Christians like to say, "Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap" (Gal 6:7).

It's a sign I've been away from blogging on a regular basis that I don't quite know how to tie a bow on this post.  Where do we go from here, loyal readers?  Do we sigh, shrug and move on with our lives?  Do we rage, laugh or weep?  Do we pat ourselves on the back for our eminent sanity, or do we work to restore sanity to the rest of the world?  And if the latter, how do we go about it? For just this once, dig all the rabbit holes you like.