Saturday, April 21, 2012

Questions that answer themselves

Catching up on my email this morning, I read a quick note from my old friend Steve, a cradle Catholic like myself, who sent me a link to the Slate story on the Vatican's attempt to reform the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, along with the following cri de coeur:
No argument over whether the Vatican has the authority to do what they’re doing, but is this really worth the knocks the Church will take over this?  I mean, how many people outside the clergy really pay close attention to the groups being targeted for re-education?  Now I can pretty well guarantee they will get much more coverage than they ever would have absent this crackdown.  I’m not saying the Church should let it all slide, I’m just saying there has to be a better, more compassionate-looking way to address the issue.  Not very good for recruitment, either, if we’re even interested in the female vocations any more.

Well, there are several ways to address such a question, such as pointing out that the second orders represented by the LCWR have already done everything necessary to make themselves irrelevant and unattractive to faithful Catholic women, and that part of the reason for the reform is precisely because we're interested in the return of female vocations.  But the irrepressible Father Z has uncovered some information that truly illustrates the need for LCWR reform.

This summer, August 7-11, the LCWR holds their annual assembly in St. Louis, with the theme, "Mystery Unfolding: Leading in the Evolutionary Now" [? As opposed to "the Historical Now"?  Or perhaps "the Creationist Now"?].  The featured speaker is Barbara Marx Hubbard of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution [!], who has been praised by Buckminster Fuller and Deepak Chopra [!!].  Here is her own bio, from her website:

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called "the voice for conscious evolution of our time" by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch's new book The Mother of Invention. A prolific author, visionary, social innovator, evolutionary thinker and educator, she is co-founder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. She is the producer and narrator of the award-winning documentary series entitled Humanity Ascending: A New Way through Together and has recently partnered with The Shift Network as a global ambassador for the conscious evolution movement; a shift from evolution by chance towards evolution by choice. Along with Stephen Dinan, she has launched the “Agents of Conscious Evolution” training and is forming a global team to co-produce a global multi-media event entitled, "Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift in Time" on Dec. 22, 2012 ( — a historic, turning-point event; awakening the social, spiritual, scientific, and technological potential of humanity.
In 1984 her name was placed in nomination for the Vice Presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket, calling for a “Peace Room” to scan for, map, connect and communicate what is working in America and the world. Barbara also co-chaired a number of Soviet-American Citizen Summits, introducing a new concept called "SYNCON" to foster synergistic convergence with opposing groups. She developed SYNCON conferences to bring together opposing forces to discover the positive benefit of a long range earth-space development program where she worked with builders of the Space Shuttle and continued her passion for an expanded and peace generating space program.
She is a Fellow of The Club of Budapest, and has received an honorary PhD in Conscious Evolution from the Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University. She has established a Chair in Conscious Evolution at Wisdom University and is member of many progressive organizations, including Evolutionary Leaders Group, Global New Thought (AGNT), as well as, The World Future Society.

Take note that on the panel for this conference will be Jamie "Jesus the Revolutionary Anarchist" Manson of the National Catholic Fishwrap, as well as her boss, NCFw editor Tom Fox.  Not only do you get the feeling that Christian teaching — never mind Catholic teaching — will not be affirmed at the meeting, you wonder if Christ himself will get a mention in passing.

Yeah, Steve ... it's worth it.