Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baa, baa, baa ...

Am I depressed over Tuesday's results?  A little bit.

We had a choice over how we wanted to start the Great Depression 2.0 — "Would you like higher taxes or budget cuts?" — and opted for at least two more years of legislative dreadlock (as my cuz Greg calls it).  Already, firms that were threatening to send out WARN Act notices to their employees "dependent on the outcome of the election" (read "if Obama is elected to misrule for another four years") are making good on that threat, while other workers are receiving not-so-good news about their health benefits — increasing premiums, increasing co-pays, decreasing HSAs, etc.

But more to the point, the election demonstrated as stunningly as possible the fact that we Catholics are not all stupid, mindless sheep blindly obeying our bishops.  The majority of us are blindly following the liberal mainstream media.  

Honestly, in almost forty years, even in the depths of the Watergate trial, I have never seen the major news outlets so uniformly, nakedly biased in a single direction — to the left.  (Don't tell me FOXNews disproves the rule; FOXNews is a joke even among Republicans.)  Romney joked about it at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation fundraiser: "I caught a glimpse of tomorrow's headlines: OBAMA EMBRACED BY CATHOLICS; ROMNEY DINES WITH RICH PEOPLE."

After four years, the unemployment rate is still higher than when Obama took office, and the rate itself hides hundreds of thousands of Americans who have simply dropped off the radar.  Not only has Obama not gotten us out of the Afghan quicksand, he added to the defense bill by involving us in Libya's revolution (violating the War Powers Act in the process).  The nation is $16 trillion in debt, and is on the path to economic shutdown by 2027.  Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in specific face their direst threat in American history from the Obama Administration, as it chips away from the First Amendment here and there in the name of "progress".  The Democrat National Convention was an intergalactic flippin' freak show, with Joe Biden's wandering, emotive blather, not to mention Sandra Flake's invocation of hordes of misogynists waiting to push women back into the kitchen (while outside the venue women dressed in vagina costumes eked out the lunacy within).  The campaign finished up with ads that ran from the fatuous to the obscene.

And somewhere along the way, American Catholics went "Squirrel!", forgot everything that went before, and voted for Obama again!  For which the Obamination will thank us with full enforcement of the misbegotten HHS mandate.

By Friday I should have some further thoughts posted on The Other Blog about what needs to happen in the next four years.  Right now, I still need some time to reflect.  And drink.