Friday, January 25, 2013

Now available for your edification: CATHOLIC STAND!

Catholic Stand is a brand-new e-zine, brought to you by the marvelous trio of Tito Edwards (who hath given us Big Pulpit), the ever-amazing Dr. Stacy Trasancos and the totally awesome Chelsea Zimmerman.  What does CS bring to the party?

Here at Catholic Stand, we know [preaching the Gospel] is not always easy. We recognize that we live in a time when most nations are not nations that turn to God. We recognize that many of us may experience persecution in some form right now for living the truths the Church teaches. We are here to offer our stories, our encouragement, when we can, our instruction, our love, and our communion. If you desire to live the truths the Church teaches boldly, but are unsure sometimes what to do or say, we hope this website provides what you need; and if it doesn’t, let us know. We are Catholic citizens just like you, of all ages, various professions, and different places in the world, all in this together, people of prayer, hope, faith, and destiny.

 "Catholic Stand provides perspectives and education on topics that matter to citizens living the truths the Church teaches."  That's as simple a mission statement as you could want, but it's a broad enough base to cover a lot of topics: history, law, science, medicine, education, parenting ... just about any place where Catholic beliefs intersect with life.  Because, when you get right down to it, religion isn't something that can be conveniently boxed into one hour of one day every week (or month, or holiday of your choice); if it's not pervading every aspect of your life and relationships with other people, it isn't really a religion in any meaningful sense.

The leadership have invited me to be a regular contributor, where my semiliterate ramblings will be overshadowed by greater talents such as Donald R. McClarey, LarryD, Leila Miller, Marcus Allen Steele (OOH-RAH!) and Patti Maguire Armstrong, to name a handful.  Boy, I'm getting around, aren't I?  Right now I'm working on a deal where, when you fall asleep at night, my posts appear on the insides of your eyelids.

I'm really stoked to be a part of this project, because I get to talk about God, Christ, faith and the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church in another venue right alongside of other people who love to talk about the same things.  My first post will appear Feb. 18, but don't let that stop you from checking the other fine writers out: Stacy starts us out along with Debi Vinnedge, John Darrouzet, Edmund Mitchell and Marcus Allen Steele.