Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stop the pr— No, don't stop the presses!

I had to get this typed out and posted as quickly as possible, before MSNBC realizes their mistake and pulls this video footage down:

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Yes, folks, what you're seeing is footage captured by an authentic bastion of the librul MSM that: 1) tacitly admits a pro-life march took place in Washington DC yesterday and 2) gives some impression of its real size (well over last year's 400,000 according to some estimates, though as FOXNews reported the National Parks Service itself no longer attempts estimates — perhaps they ran out of fingers and toes?).

Now, to be fair, NBC also showed shots of the counter-protesters, whose size also increased this year from the regular old-guard handful carrying the old-fashioned blue "KEEP ABORTION LEGAL" signs to a double handful, many of which carried new signs advancing the "war on women" meme.  They also took some pains to recap the recent NBC-WSJ poll showing that 70% of the polled don't want Roe v. Wade reversed ... although they didn't show that 41% of the respondents said they didn't know enough to have an opinion about it.  (The order in which the questions were asked, plus the way in which the second question is worded, gives the impression that the pollsters front-loaded the "overturn/don't overturn" question instead of excluding the 41%.)

But the damage is done — somebody actually broke ranks and showed the Pro-Life Generation out in massive force, and gave hints that the pro-life position belongs not to a few crackpots, extremists and terrorists but to a large, vibrant and growing segment of the American people.  Look for further fissures in the Culture of Death façade to follow.  (Oops — I alliterated.  And I'm talking in parentheses again!  O the inhumanity!)

Update: Same day, 8:08 am
Tom Peters the American Papist passed on this link from MRCtv, a division of the Media Research Center: